The meaning of life

It does feel a bit daft sticking “review request” as the subject line in a subtopic that is dedicated to requesting reviews. Anyway, I hope anyone reading this doesn’t feel too cheated that that’s what it is.

This was the closest I’ve come to a win against this person yet. I felt like many of the moves I was making were less than optimal, but couldn’t think of better ones. Can anyone help?

P.S. - Since life is inherently meaningless, it’s up to each of us to provide our own…

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I see a lot of major tactical problems for both sides, with Black punishing a bit better and more often than White. That went a long way toward structuring the game in Black’s favor.

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Thanks for the review - I appreciate the comments. Despite how it might appear, I actually do want to get better at this.

Maybe next time though, you could not beat about the bush so much and just tell it like it is? :smile:

Thanks again for your time.

Oh yeah - I don’t know if this is a breach of etiquette, but since the reviewer pretty much quit in disgust halfway through, I wonder if anyone else might like to finish the job - Seems like you’ll need a strong stomach though, given the appalling quality of the play :slight_smile:

I won’t make a review just for a few moves, but continuing with the unfinished review:
.with 174 you should peep at e13 instead, putting more pressure and making more territory
.in 188 you make an empty triangle in a place he can’t even attack, not to mention you had to cover some cuttin points he exploited immediately
.192 you respond to a captured stone giving atari, having one of your stones in atari (i think you probably missed that atari there)
.then you have an atari battle in a place he totally succeed. I mean, even if you do capture some meaningless stones, you have barelly no profit. either connect or play somewhere else
.in 222 instead of playing that contact move, you should make a monkey jump and steal more territory
.244 is a complete nonsense, you have bigger points, like the peep i already mentioned
.270, i don’t even…

The reason you lost for a few points is due to black playing bad and slack moves too.

Hope it helped you a little

One more thing, I don’t think severence stopped the review cause his stomach collapsed (it probably collapsed after t10 though). There wasn’t that much to keep commenting, most reviews don’t cover a lot of endgame moves, he probably was focused on pointing the big mistakes that made you lose

Yes. It helps a lot. It’s kind of painful to have my ineptitude pointed out, but it’s there and I want rid of it. Thanks for your comments.

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