The OGS Teaching Ladder group needs YOU!

Hi everyone! :smiley:

I have created this lil’ group for everyone who is willing to give reviews to weaker players and receive reviews from stronger ones:

As you can see we already have quite a decent number of members (17 at the moment), but you’ll probably notice that we have an “hole” starting from 4k up (since we only have 2 dan members and Levvo is a sort of “external supporter”, being already busy with his group).

To get things go smoothly, we need at least a couple of players around 4k-1k, and maybe another low dan player.

So, if you are a low kyu/low dan player and you like the idea, please join! :smile:

Of course any player who wants to join, any ranking, is welcome. :wink:

See you in the OGS Teaching Ladder!


curses… as a newly-minted 5k, I’m just outside the space you need. XD Still, I’m glad to see the drive to teach is still going strong. this is why I love the go community.

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I sent a request. Recently I don’t have too much free time. But if I find some time I will gladly do some thorough reviews :).

Feel free to join, if you like the idea. :smiley:
The group needed some players in that ranking range to fill a “hole”, but everyone is welcome!

The more the members, the more the reviews! :wink:

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Hi everyone. I just wanted you to know that group activities has started.

Enrollment is actually closed, but depending how activities go it can be reopened (maybe before the end of January), so stay tuned!

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i need reviews for my games. i have gotten weaker lately.

##(Re)introducing the OGS Teaching Ladder.

We took a bit of a break for the last couple of weeks but we still have plenty of games and reviewers! If you’d like to submit a game to be reviewed or if you’d like to help teach other players, join the group and send me a message about it.

Hi, I’m not experience in teach but I could give it a try, I’m 11k .

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Gustin , you could teach me some of opening and strategy? I could teach you chess to change (I am strong in chess)

Hi There. I’m currently 9k (and improving at about a stone a month or so). I’d like to help review games but don’t see any place to join. Would you help me help you out?


I sent you an invite. The group is invite-only to keep track of new members and add them to the member list (for assigning reviews). I’ll talk to @ema about opening it up though. I’d like to see lots of participation in both games and reviews.

Edit: OGS Teaching Ladder is now a public group. Players are encouraged to submit games for review and to review the games of others (making it a “ladder”). Let’s enjoy it!!