The purple "New to go?" link makes it hard to get to my active games on the home page of my phone

The new purple fundamentals learning puzzles are great, but the hotlink seems to be making scrolling difficult on my phone.

Or more specifically, it’s pushed my active games above the top of the page on my home page; where I can’t access them. Thx

Anybody home?

Don’t be impatient, you’ll get your answer at some point. Most of the people don’t even know that this feature is live, because no one announced anything.

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That’s cool, thanks!

The puzzles and teaching are GREAT!!
Good job & Congrats!

Can you share some screenshots? I wonder how it looks. I’ve no new account.

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Disregard the weird play in the picture, I am white playing against a beginner, who is making some random moves : )

@anoek this looks like a bug.


Yikes, sure is a bug. I’ll get that fixed up, thanks for the screenshot and report!

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I’m having some trouble reproducing what you’re seeing - what device and browser are you using?

Yeah, I guess it could be my junky old iPhone 5c.


iOS 10.3.3

But, OGS has been working great until now.


Google chrome

I can still get to my games if I go through my profile.

Am I really the only one who is having this problem?

Well, okay then, time to get a new phone, I guess…

I don’t have the purple box, so :man_shrugging:

Not many new players come to the forum, so you are probably the only one reporting this.

I have a small iPhone, 5s maybe, but I don’t have this problem.
I have another problem though: the menu doesn’t fit to my screen.

But how is that you see it in you home screen? I can see it only if I look for it in the side menu.

Your account has to be a new one to get that purple banner.

You can try it at

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I see. So I’m completely off topic here! :grin: