The Quick Correspondence

As in the title. Have you played a quick correspondence game before? What was it like? Was it enjoyable?

What time settings do you think are appropriate? Would you join a tournament?

I’m asking because I’m planning a(nother) quick correspondence tournament with the OGS Teaching Ladder, and the last one wasn’t a spectacular success.

You know there’s a group for that : Fast Correspondence Players

I’ve been discussing setting up a tournament soon, and the time settings we will probably use

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I saw that shortly after posting. However, I also have a ulterior motive of getting some more newbies to join and post games on the OGS teaching ladder, so I’d finally have something to do with the time that I shouldn’t really have (but do anyway).

Also, congratulations on your huge rank jump.

Well, I certainly understand the drive to make the OGS teaching ladder more active, it’s a wonderful group to be a part of. I also think having faster games is much better for teaching and learning purposes. In fact the slow pace that most correspondence tournaments progress would not be useful at all for a teaching group.

However, I think the idea of promoting the group and trying an unconventional tournament format may be contradictory. Are you trying to attract people who want to teach and learn, or are you attracting people who don’t want a tournament to take years to finish?

I’ve done a few round-robin tournaments, they have been small (maybe 10 players), and you face players or all ranks. I’ve found it’s quite common to have stronger players offer a review in these tournaments. Perhaps you should consider doing a monthly round-robin as a way to attract people to the group.

oh yeah, this is my favorite format. i can fit in a few moves during a short break at work or in the morning. and if my opponent is on we can play 20 moves in a row at a nice relaxed pace. and when something comes up i just
leave the board.

it is nice though if people dont constantly flag vacations and constantly let the clock run down. esp in a tournament
or ladder setting. if you really stretch it out those games can last months.

i’ve experimented with different times and i like 12 hours since it makes you touch the board twice a day. this
usually means you’re touching the board more like 10-30 times a day

however it does increase the number of timeouts, which is sad