The Score Estimator tool needs a tutorial

The Score Estimator has some advanced controls like had clicking on groups to change their status, shift-clicking individual stones to make them disappear, shift-clicking territory to make it dame, etc. But I had to figure out how to use all this stuff the hard way. There should be some kind of tutorial for it. There are even some things I still haven’t figured out about it, like what exactly is it counting when it shows stones with neither color dots on them? If it’s counting them as alive, why don’t they have a dot of the same color on them?


I never knew the score estimator even had those options!! That’s super cool to know and indeed should be pointed out somewhere! :slight_smile:

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@Yujiri If you wanted to draft the bullet points that need to be made, I’d probably learn something and be willing to turn it into some sort of tutorial.


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