The US declaration of peace with North Korea

The US should formally enter peace talks with North Korea and allow them to own nukes if they wanna. It’s like a big brother telling a little brother that he isn’t allowed to fight on the same even playing field. Lots of countries have nukes that shouldn’t aka all of them. =_=


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I wonder if North Korea has any strong Go players? I’m sure they do, we just never hear about it.

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It seems unlikely that they would have, unless it is a state sponsored and approved endeavour.

Generally speaking, they don’t have the opportunity to do anything for enjoyment and by their own initiative.

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I once observed a player here who claimed to be from NK. Had the flag and a photo of Kim as his profile pic. In a 9x9 game he relentlessly tried to distract his opponent by an unending stream of pointed queries and ludicrous claims (e.g., Kim invented Go and is the world’s greatest Go player). Probably a huge put-on by a troll, but it was done with such thoroughness and ernestness that I couldn’t help but wonder. Could NK have a small cadre of state-sponsored Go players whose job is to spread regime propaganda?


Under this advisement, I will throw in my 2c :wink: (I was under the impression this was not the case)

It’s true lots of countries have nukes, however to my understanding none of them fire ‘test shots’ directly over neighbouring countries. It seems especially reckless considering Japan’s nuclear history.

“just give them this one thing and then they’ll be happy and stop” is exactly how WWII started, except Hitler didn’t have any nukes.


They have strong amateur players that can e.g. place 5th in WAGC (


I vaguely remember that a professional commented on a match between a North Korean player and a professional - possibly during the world mind sports games - and said that they were close to professional strength.

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Nuke tests from the other countries, took place in the 1950s to the 90s, and all countrys with functioning longrange weapons took test shoots. Done this in the past and use the results today, does not mean they are better.

If someone will bring a moral reason for not doing it to NK, it shouldn’t be counties they did the same (and profit from, today), It will not lead to reasonable solution.

If one realize, that the US never invaded a country wich has nukes, it will make more sense for a country to want one, And of course If you threaten someone who is already in fear (of an attack or invasion) with an attack or invasion it will not solve the problem.
That is just insane, (especially with someone like Trump on a already functening nukeswitch.)
If then blame one side the other that they not solve the problem, without looking to his own side …then we describe a today situation.

To be clear, I dont like that NK have nukes, cause I dont like that anyone to have these power. But a moral discussion that NK should stop his nuke program can’t successfully lead by countries with nukes, and defenitly not with threats to use them, that is only hilarious.


Yeah they prolly do but i wonder on the player pool that they have to play vs. If they have lack of internetz. O.o

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Probably a troll o.o

But i hear they have legal cannabis that seems like something they could do right?
I mean just because they are hermit crabs doesn’t make them crazy when they do indeed have real stronk enemies threatening them on the daily it seemz o.o reasonable

Indeed it’s like that ww2 thing but i think of it more like knowledge is impossible to contain and keep secret. We are only ever gonna have more nuclear thingz pop up around the world as time goes by.

But unlike ww2 the US once leveled North Korea and killed like i think 1/3 of the country’s population. 0.0 so they have a reasonable assumption of fearz i thinkz


If we want peace, it is best to use peaceful methods. As go players, we are aware of the value of balance in working out who will win any particular situation. But when it comes to countries, there must be only winners. In the modern world, losing can mean unthinkable destruction of life and property.

Negotiation is a skill that has an associated profession. Skilled negotiators in the U.S. State Department should be allowed to do their job in negotiating peaceful win-win situations with other countries.

Nuclear arms are unthinkably destructive, and the only sane geopolitical solution is nuclear disarmament, subscribed to by all countries, with verification using technology and other means. Achieving complete nuclear disarmament is not for amateurs; we should allow our professional negotiators to navigate the waters toward a solution.

My opinion. I hope that some here can agree. If not, I respect other opinions.



That means in the actual situation
(some counties have nukes, some don’t) :

  • We can arm up everyone
    (and hope for sanity from guys like trump,Kim and others like that)
  • We can arm everyone down
    (done by the same guys like trump, Kim and others like that)


hm…:see_no_evil: …I think I just play go and enjoying the click sounds for a while

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You are simply being too pessimistic. Lots of countries have negotiated their problems successfully. Perhaps your own internal stresses are blocking you from seeing life more optimistically (I say this as a teacher of meditation with 2000 clients throughout the world).

I have heard that some unpopular rules have used war to boost their approval. Lets hope that congress doesn’t let a few hot heads make that happen. I don’t know how much trust i have in the state department but then again idk anything about them and peeps fear what they don’t know.

I don’t think the world will disarm in my lifetime sadly. Unless something radical changes people and makes them less aggressive :confused:


lol listen to the clicks and the world disappears :slight_smile:

Amen. That is why I teach NSR meditation.