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An irrelevant point, but something you may find interesting. Depending on the specific technology used in your screen, it’s possible that displaying black pixels actually consumes more power than white. It’s counter-intuitive, I know. In the end, the difference is not terribly substantial, but it’s an interesting fact nonetheless.


That is an interesting fact. I wish I knew how to find out so I knew when to do B/W inversions. Hope this doesn’t apply when you put the screen to sleep. :slight_smile:

I see nothing sarcastic about PB’s incredibely interesting response… And being an old and wise man I welcome enlightment in all the places, even in those where I would not expect it.

The thing is his answer brought your topic to the top of the forums. If you really cared about the original topic and found it worthwile of discussion, you should thank PB (instead of getting triggered :stuck_out_tongue: ), because his response gave you bigger chance of another answer. (And there is mine now thanks to him :slight_smile: )

I would like a source on that one. Also the night mode is there if you are afraid of that (yeah yeah I know the black one is to black the white one is too white…)

As far as I know no color blind person is having difficulty distinguishing black and white… (am I wrong?) So until explained otherwise I consider this point kind of weird…

The problem with individuals is that there will always be someone unhappy. There are still much bigger points to work on right now (IMHO) When all is running smoothly I am sure devs will be willing to dicuss all the colors of the rainbow…

The novel is only called The Turn of the Screw and the rest of the sentence does not exist anywhere in the book… (Another pointless fact brought to you by OGS :smiley: )

EDIT: For some reason when I re-read this it seemed I was being a little rude. I didn’t mean to sound rude. I am really interested in the source out of curiosity. Seeing as I usually get tired faster when staring into bright moniter…

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See generally the sources cited here: . I think the research is pretty interesting. :smiley:

Out of respect for @Aten, let’s try to keep further comments on the topic of whether OGS should implement custom theme preferences and what kind of priority the feature request might have.

As always, posting feature request to is appreciated so the feature can be voted on and for streamlining input.


At the risk of violating my own post restricting to on-topic discussion, I’ll mention that the ease of off-topic discussion is why we encourage uservoice for feature requests. I think you’d find the benefits outweigh the momentary trouble of account creation.

Getting BACK ON TOPIC, I think theme preferences is a good idea and is probably “low-effort” to code. Maybe one of our friendly users wants to take it on him or herself to code the feature and make a pull request on while the developers are preoccupied squashing bugs and coding big-ticket features like automatch.


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