Three years on OGS

I have been here for three years. But i think only in the last year or so have i really become a member of this community. I just want to say thank you for putting up with my nonsense, and indeed thank you for being the wonderful community that you all are.

I hope to keep coming back here and being a part of this community for many years to come, and i hope that all of the wonferful people who make up this community also stick around.

Thanks again everyone!


This is indeed one of the most wholesome and helpful communities I’ve ever found on the entire internet.


I think many people forget to celebrate the small things. And it’s the small things that make life worth living. I absolutely love this community, and I genuinely feel like a part of it. I get listened to, my suggestions are taken seriously, and I am able to engage in super interesting conversations here, not just about go, but philosophy and other such important things to me.

I owe OGS a massive debt in gratitude… I honestly don’t think that many people understand what OGS means to me, and indeed it would take far to long to type it all up.

Sure OGS has improvements to be made, every good society does. But OGS is all about making itself and its community better all the time, and that is a philosophy I can get behind.

These forums are quite honestly the nicest place on the internet I have ever been, and I feel like I am a part of that, and I want to be a part of that.

Perhaps this is a bit mushy… but I prefer to be honest than omit something potentially meaningful.


Honestly, I’m the same way. This might actually be my first post on OGS, but I keep coming back for all of the insights and encouragements that everyone shares. You included Spoon. For the short time I’ve been back, I’ve loved reading your posts. You -and the whole community- mean a lot to me! Keep up the quality content!


I can only say thank you for your kind words. They do indeed mean a lot, and far more important to me is that you enjoy what I write on here.

OGS is like my online home. I keep coming on here every day…not just because I want the Devotee badge…but because I actively cannot wait to be part of a community as special, and wonderful as this one.

I am a part of several different groups of people online… I debate politics, philosophy, and other such things on Facebook in different groups… And while there are some truly wonderful people on those groups…OGS is by far the best community I am a part of… Because we all share one thing in common… A love for a game as beautiful and meaningful as GO.

And what’s better is instead of it being like other game communities where it’s all about who has the best stats, this community is all about improving oneself, but also helping and supporting new players, and actively encouraging new players to become part of the community and to be better players.

I really really love this place, and I really love the people that make this place so special.


You’re second, actually :slight_smile: your first was last year regarding a teaching game :slight_smile:

Welcome back! :heart: We’re glad this community has been encouraging to you, and hope you will continue contributing to its awesomeness :smile:


I honestly had no idea you could look up previous posts O.o

And thank you! I’ve been trying to gather myself to actually PLAY on here, but I have a very chaotic life, and I’m always scared of making the commitment to start a game. Not to mention newbie nerves of spending half an hour to an hour only to lose XD

I’m sure here soon you’ll not only see more of my posts on the forums, but my name on the active game screen too!


Just take your time my dude. I go through phases where i just dont have the nerve to paly live games. And sometimes i will play like five live games in a day for fun. You gotta do whats good for you. But i will say that its sometimes best to jump in at the deep end and then find the place where you are most comfortable swimming.

I look forward to seeing more of you my friend!


Keep in mind, like any hobby, you’re here for fun.
One of the things I hate about the western go community is the general level of pressure there is to always be improving. Nobody has a problem with someone enjoying a game of chess who barely understands how a knight moves, but you say you’ve been 25k for 2 years and look at you like you’ve got the plague… :roll_eyes:

Play if you want, and just try to enjoy the experience, even when you lose, think about the parts of the game you enjoyed. And if you didn’t enjoy, just stop and come back later :slight_smile: I too have a hectic life and don’t get to play anywhere near as often as I’d like… So just do what’s best for you, there’s nothing wrong with hanging out and talking to people if you don’t feel like a game :wink: