Through the Years: Long Correspondence

Which name? To whom were you replying?

I would join a tournament with that (below) rule!

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14 days later

No completed games since last update.
One player resigned from tournament.
73 moves over 15 games.
5 paused games.
Max number of moves in a single game (since last update): 14 in two distinct games


Won the last match of our group by timeout, what a waste…


If this is related to who was winning in our modern time you may try AI estimation

9 days later:

  • 14 games left, 24 players involved, 10 groups
  • 3 completed games
  • 5 players completed all their games
  • 2 groups completed all their games

17 moves over 4 games
6 paused games
Max number of moves in a single game (since last update): 7.


A lot of rengo suddenly?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG! Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile:
I’ve fixed it.


12 days later:

  • 13 games left, 22 players involved, 9 groups
  • 1 completed game
  • 2 players completed all their games
  • 1 disqualified, 1 resigned
  • 1 group completed all its games

26 moves over 9 games
2 paused games
Max number of moves in a single game (since last update): 8.


14 days later:

no completed games since last update.
2 players resigned from tournament

28 moves over 11 games
1 paused game
Max number of moves in a single game (since last update): 4.


Here are the last 13 games of TTY

11 ongoing games, 1 disqualification and 1 paused game.

Player Sanchai is disqualified. Game is still open.
Last activity on this account: 22-09-2022.

The game between Lopez and Willyam123 is paused since October 2021.
Last activity Lopez 21-10-20223, Willyam123 16-11-2022.


IMHO someone should ask them to un-pause.

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@Lopez_de_la_Osa will you unpause the game?

Edit: also a bit surprised that the game in which Sanchai is disqualified, still is ongoing.
Or is the clock for the other player still running?
Wouldn’t it be logical to close a game if one of the players is disqualified?

In a tournament, people who lose by time are disqualified, but other games of the tournament continue.


In a little more than a week this game is finished.
I just noticed that the clock is still running.

Moderators also have this:
CleanShot 2023-10-25 at 22.11.50@2x
I’d prefer it though if the Tournament director would ask to do so …

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The tournament director has left long ago.

Perhaps the TD should have thought of a succession plan for another director when starting a tournament that will likely outlast them. If they are no longer here, that makes me sad, and I think while this experiment has had it’s moments, not sure if I want to continue to round two with no director. It’s hard to understand why people leave, and Life certainly can get in the way.


Could @anoek perhaps put another person in place as Tournament director?

And IF yes — would you perhaps volunteer, @Lys?
I think that you would be the best, as you have already documented so much of the progress (or lack thereof!) of the tournament. And hardly any extra work, I’d think …


We miss u @S_Alexander