Through the Years: Long Correspondence

I knew — I believe we all knew — that you’d be a wonderful TD!


Oh boy. Guys, I just realized I’m participating in one of the last three games :sweat_smile: I’ve also accepted an invite for another long running tournament, but didn’t realized that only one of my games is part of “through the years”. Guess I’ll prioritize to make a move in the game vs Amenofus compare to the other ones from the other tournament.

I’ve now enabled mail notifications for when it’s mine turn, so I don’t forget to make my moves. It’s a long time ago that I played regular paced games, so I don’t check the site too often.

@Lys those graphs are awesome! You already plotted my “slow at a steady pace”, would you mind to also plot my other games? :grimacing: Btw do you have the source code and data dump published somewhere?


How nice that yet another player in this tournament has found to this thread :smile:


One game is gone!


are the remaining games.

Now I am getting nervous that while it could be a long time since one game is still in the middle game, it seems like both games might end at any time now. How many of the people who haven’t left the tournament will miss the start of the next round?

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Congrats on reaching the final two. Glad you have a better awareness of the game status in this tournament.


36 (wow!) days later:

  • 2 games left, 4 players involved, 2 groups
  • 1 completed game
  • 2 players completed all their games
  • 2 players resigned
  • 1 group completed all its games

29 moves over 3 games
1 paused game (player’s vacation)
Max number of moves in a single game (since last update): 18.


That game that just wrapped up has some interesting unplayed aji at the end. It wouldn’t have changed the result, but that final position is a good white-to-play puzzle for finding nasty tricks in the endgame.

What does the ‘performance index’ graphic mean? I can’t make sense of it

resigned from the game or from the tournament?

I believe that the general convention, across all of @Lys’s update posts, is that that line refers to players resigning from the tournament.


It’s a “wins against losses” calculation.
If you win nine games you get +9, if you lose 9 games you get -9, if you win 5 and lose 4 you get 5-4=1.

It’s a rough way to evaluate players performances at the end of the round.

The chart shows how many players for each value.



you are funny :slight_smile:

I’d note that two years ago, one of the players in the last two games said “Is this blocking some follow up round or something? If yes I’m happy to resign”
Two years ago it obviously was not blocking progress as there were many games still ongoing.
It is of course legitimate to want to play out a game to the end, but as they brought it up themselves previously, I think it’s also legitimate to point out that this game is now a bottleneck to this tournament.

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I still find the very concept of “holding up” a multi-year tournament utterly hilarious.

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I mean, it is logically coherent. /shrug

Me, I see both sides here — and I think I’d suggest to … wait … just … a … little … longer …

Four years since our long-missed friend created the tournament and this thread … and the tournament began 2020-06-30 … I dearly hope they’re fine!

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We need to define logic.

Sometimes logic is twisted.

One clear example is in the book All against all.

Somebody mentioned the tontine idea, somebody else mentioned this book, because is about a tontine, I looked it up, it is free to read, so I have read it and even liked it.

The logic was as it follows. Somebody put a 100 million prize for those who accepts to enter in the tontine. There is a single rule. All the money goes to the last living participant. For some of them the logic was … I have pretty good chances, I am young and healthy, I may have a long life.

But this logic did not even crossed my mind. I instantly envisioned a cascade of premature deaths.

What does this have to do with “defining logic”? If the incentives are right (taking into account the chances of getting caught and the risk tolerances of the participants), of course it’s logical to kill the other participants. Whether or not it’s twisted (which is a moral property in this context) is completely irrelevant and has no impact on what logic is, so I’m not sure why you brought it up

I think my statement was perfectly clear, but you seem to be trying to needlessly obscure it

I see the both sides too, I even switched sides in order to find joy in this, but also I regard common sense as of a higher value than political correctness, and this is why I concluded that for me the round is over at this point.

I started the tournament considering that we will play Go. Correspondence Go. The long time setting is common sense. Even I play blitz fast, I know personally plenty of players who likes to take their time. Some really need that time. For example a surgeon playing after the last patient leaved the room. ten games waiting, Some moves, most of them, were obvious, or forced, or already being thought at and remembered. but two or three needed some analyze. No time, or no mood for thinking, so those few games were postponed. For these cases, the long time setting is a concession from the rest of the players.

I am not a complete moron, so I realized that there will be some players trying to prolong the games artificially. Or some being careless with the time just because there is so much spare time. And we even saw this. So many lost on time. It defies logic to lose on time with so much time to spare. But when one player from my group started to move with only few hours left on the clock, I understood that common sense left the tournament. There were three options, to get annoyed and fight back, obviously pointless, to quit the tournament, as many did, or switch sides and enjoy the charade. I was really curious about how far the fakery will be pushed. And I amused myself watching those few who chose to push back. Now we are long past that point. Still somebody managed to make me smile. You know like in that story, the king is naked :slight_smile: Or in that newer story about flat Earth. Sure, among them some will be poor souls without enough brain power. But those pushing the narrative are not morons, they are a lot smarter than the majority. But they are playing a charade.

Now this is just a lame an tired joke.

By the way, just noticed a coincidence. Your avatar is so similar to the cover of the book I mentioned in the other comment :slight_smile: