Time limits & notifications policy

Based on prior conversations, I had thought that you would receive notifications that time was running out for games that had at least one day per move.[0] However, in this game: https://online-go.com/game/4735891, I received an email notification that it was my move this morning at 11:41 AM, and then timed out at 9:41 PM.

There are two questions that are relevant here:

  1. How can you time out in a game with 1 day/move, only 10 hours after you receive a notification that it’s your turn? It seems like I should have had a minimum of 1 day to make that move. I don’t suppose there is any way for me to see when the moves were made?
  2. Shouldn’t I have received a notification that time was running out?

[0] I must respectfully point out that this remains a regression from the old OGS, which would send you notifications for games with shorter time limits. I hope you will eventually address this issue.