Time out in blitz by gnugo?

I just won a game against gnugo by timeout in a ranked bliz game. I know sometimes time/resource management is difficult, some small number of timeout games is part of bliz game . I myself lost a time out bliz game due to some noise in my house. However, the bot time out was a big problem in the OGS in the past and I hope this is not repeat of the past.

So far, my majority of games against bots were good, only one timeout in 4 to 5 games total. I hope OGS operators can continue to improve on bot resource management, maybe to continue to minimize the timeout issue to even more lower level.

I just want to alert here that the old issue has been largely resolved, but the problem in smaller degree still exist today.

Never mind. I thought playing ranked game with bots might help my rank. In stead, bots will only have provisional rank, not real rank. In other word, the ranked game with bots have no real effect on my rank.

I will stop playing with bots at OGS from now on. The bots appear to be not useful in ranking in OGS.

The standard bots are provisional because they aren’t 100% reliable. RoyalLeela is pretty darn reliable though, and not provisional. I restrict ranked games to 4 handicap max at the moment but you can do ranked games vs RoyalLeela.

RoyalLeela did time out 3 games last night, but that’s because Windows 10 did a forced update while I was sleeping. In normal operation (when server isn’t having lag problems), RoyalLeela should never time out.

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RoyalLeela is too strong to my DDK level of strength. I hope OGS can make gnugo rank into real rank.
There is no reason to make gnugo as provisional rank only. There should be enough of long list of games already for gnugo.

Another suggestion, if the admin of OGS does not intend to make gnugo with real rank in the future, please
remove the bot from the list of computer bots. Listing a permanent provisional bot is misleading and might
take away lots of human players’ time. I bet many of players thought same way as as I thought that rank can be adjusted by playing with bots in ranked games.

There are lots of bots can be purchased or downloaded for free to play in our own computers. A bot with no real rank has very little value in a server like OGS,

I disagree wholeheartedly. I think it’s reasonable for bots to be provisional on a server where the main focus is human games. I’m going to assume you’re coming from KGS where this was a more common practice. On OGS, the main purpose of bots is so people don’t have to download, install, and figure out how to use various bots. Plus, OGS keeps the game records and everything for you.

Well at least “rated” game against gnugo is misleading given that OGS has no plan to upgrade gnugo rank in near term. It should give a warning that rating is not available, please click to play unrated games against gnugo