Time out warning settings?

I keep getting warnings whenever my time remaining for a move is under 12 hours (but the system says I have only 3 hours left).

Can the warning system be fixed so that it warns you with the actual amount of time? It seems that there is no knowledge of time zones - and getting these warnings when the actual amount of time left is about 9 hours more than indicated is a little annoying.


Are all the people who liked this indicating that they have this problem as well?

If so, is there a bug report in github already?

Personally I never read the details of any warning emails I get, I just log in to see what is up, so I would not notice this problem.

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Yea it shows kinda random times each time xD

And yup its been in github for a while


Thanks! I guess we’ve done all we can then (I just didn’t want to let Dr Quantum’s post go unacknowledged)

Hm. This doesn’t seem like something that can’t be solved. I honestly very rarely get warnings because I don’t usually let my clock run anywhere near low enough to get a warning. So it’s not apparent to me that it’s a random bug, because in the rare cases in which I do get a warning, the time remaining is wrong.

For what i understand, the notification is sent to you when your clock hits 12 hours remaining, but the time show in the notification has something to do with what timezone you’re in and when the page was last loaded as the notification is not update in real time.

Yes this is apparently what is happening. It seems trivial, though, to get the reported time correct. If the system correctly identifies that my clock has 12 hours left, then why can’t it report that I have the correct amount of time left when I log in? The warning emails get sent when there are 12 hours left. It’s mystifying that, then, when I log in (sometimes immediately after I get the email), the popup warning at OGS says “you have 3:03 remaining to move” or similar things. The system can’t truly be that fragile. Why can’t it report the same time (the clock is still running after all) as triggered the emails? It’s as though the window is somehow trying to compensate for time zone, when such compensation isn’t needed.

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You are correct, is is not something that can’t be solved.

It is in fact something that can only be solved by one person ( @anoek ) and (we established here just now) he has been notified in the appropriate way (a bug report, as linked above).

The fact that it hasn’t been solved yet is therefore because it hasn’t got to the top of his priority list yet.

Edit: second thoughts.

I take it back. I see that it’s not the email that’s in error, it’s the message presented by the browser.

In this case, maybe we can do something in the open source code.

I think I’ll keep pinging @shinuito in cases like this, until he tells me “stop, I’ve had enough” :smiley:

Maybe he, or I, will have a chance to take a look (or some other contributor who notices this thread maybe)