Time out

I won on time out and rankes down?? How could that be anyone else seen this happened?

Are you alm roth [9k] ?

Your last few results ranked you up. Which particular one are you talking about?

Hm, my last game. It didnt rank me down but my score went down from 8,3k to 8,4k… i wonder why that is?

This has been noted a number of times by sharp eyed individuals such as yourself who like to check their rank after every game.

Our ranks are now calculated in batches rather than on a game by game basis. After each game, we get an estimate of what the system thinks reflects our rank change based on current information, but future events can affect past results.

A batch is 15 games or 1 month, depending on which comes first. The end of every game (including annulled ones I believe) will trigger a recheck of the estimate during the internal batch process.

Hypothetical situation where winning a game can lower your rank:

Player A defeats Player B and the system guesses that based no their current rating and confidence, Player A gets 50 rating points added to his total.

After this, Player B loses a number of games (within the same batch) and his rating and confidence go down a certain degree.

Now, Player A comes to win a game against Player C and the system guesses that based on their current rating and confidfence, Player A gets 20 points added to his total. BUT. The system also re-evaluates all the other estimates from within the current batch, and notices that Player B’s rank has gone down… the initial estimate of 50 rating points is deemed inaccurate and is changed to 20 instead.

Player A looks at his rating and notices that after his win over Player C he lost 10 points. This is because the 20 points for beating C and the revised 20 points for beating B is 10 points less than the initial estimate A got for beating B (which was deemed incorrect).

I hope all of that makes sense?

New system does everything in groups for better accuracy, you get game by game estimates but in reality it’s all in flux and the immediate past is not yet set.


Thank you for the thorough answer. I sort of get it, its a somewhat complicated for me to understand since English is my second language. But I get the general sense of it.