Timeout for no reason

Just lost 2 games due to timeout, however I did make a move. What is this? Internet connection is more than ok. Has anyone experienced the same?


Did you, by any chance, intentionally leave the games? Like navigating to general chat, other games via notification &c.?
This is considered leaving the game and results in forfeit after some amount of time.


No I did not leave games. What happened was - I make a move and my stone is put on board, but my time still is running, the game did not switch time to opponent.

I may have seen something similar twice these days, albeit in correspondence games:

  • I played my move (with double-click),
  • the stone was there; I didn’t look at the time but instead …
  • went to my “home” page (the games overview) immediately …
  • where I saw that the game in question still was green and my last played stone not to be seen.

So I visited that game and placed my stone again, this time it was accepted.

I have also experienced lagging in the past few days, especially in game chat, so maybe there’s some problem with transmission of information?