Timeout problems

There are multiple times my students got this problems playing against each other on OGS.

when 1 player is timeout (setting on Live game with absolute 45 mins of play) for example
black side has 20 mins left and white side has only 2 mins left

after a while it said WHITE WINS BY TIMEOUT.

But actually white side is run out of time and black side has like 10+ mins left.

How could this happened? I found this 3 times already.


When did it happen? Could you please link these games?


I lost my two games with timeout. They are correspondence games so I am not sure if it is actually timeout but I din’t think so. Could you please check them?

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Both definitely bugs, you hadn’t used anywhere near your available time in either game. Both absolute time 1 week 6 days per player and in both you used well less than half that time.


any option to fix?