Timeout warnings?

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t seem to be receiving timeout warnings for games. I have the option set in my preferences, but the only message I seem to be getting (with depressing frequency) is when I lose a game due to timing out.

I’ve checked my spam folder, but there’s nothing there. I get notificaitons of new moves, but just no warnings that making a move is urgent.

We have a major site update coming pretty soon that will address the move timeout issue.

There’s another, newer, thread on what seems to be the same issue, but I just wanted to check if this update was rolled out, and whether it was believed to have fixed the problem?

We think so, but we’ve heard some reports from folks that it might not be working perfectly so let us know if you notice any issues.

Well, as per the other thread, I’ve never received a single ‘You are low on time’ warning, and I have had a number of games time out. (Life is busy – I’m trying!)

I’ve definitely got low time notifications ticked in my account settings, and I’m certain that I’m not usually logged in to the site. (Either way, I’d really like to get the warnings even if I’m logged in.)

We’ll be revisiting this in the near future, so hang tight :slight_smile: