Timer (t)error

anyone noticed this? i already made move but my side timer was still counting… and right after my opponent made move, i lost game by time out (i had 30 seconds).

Same here, just played a game and had almost 10 seconds delay between the moment i made my move and the moment the server registered it. Of course lost by timeout in byo yomi.

Sometimes there is delay in sending move up to 20 seconds. And what is interesting notification that opponent made move has no delay but stone on the board may appear some seconds later even if I refresh page.

Also there is strange bug: I see opponent’s stone appears on board,some seconds later it disappears and opponent lose on time.

I’ve had the same error. Took 10-15 seconds before my move was recognised.

Been experiencing similar problems multiple times in the last week or two.

Yeppers, i just experienced it too, I think it may be a server issue, makes it hard to play a live game.

Yup, about a week ago I lost by timeout without the page even displaying it was my move :smiley: Before that the 30s byo yomi usually started with 10s left. but my opponent was having the same issues, so it was at least more or less fair :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

indeed, if you keep playing, it’s fair.

I’ve had similar problems these last couple of days. Almost systematically, the move takes 5 - 10 seconds to validate. When i’m in byo yomi, it can countdown to 0 even after i played with many seconds remaining.

Symptoms :

  • Moves are not validated instantly --> delays 5-10+ seconds
  • After my opponent plays, its back to my turn and the timer starts at 10 seconds, or even 0 seconds, even though the settings is 30 seconds.
  • In-game chat has the same issue (delayed comments)

This looks like there is some client/server synchronization issues.

Is there a place where we can get some technical feedback about this issue (a forum thread or something), or are the devs keeping development information to themselves?

Good luck to devs.

check this:

same for me here, cost me a game in byo-yomi ; very annoying during Yose

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