Timing out of live games

Sometimes when I play live games, I need to go to the toilet, but that leads to timeout, so I tried to pause but the opponent disagreed. In the end I lost by timeout. There is a issue that we need to create a pause button that cannot be disabled by the opponent only in live or blitz games.

Your opponent is under no obligation to accept a pause. You can chat with them and try to come to an agreement.

We will (more than likely) not be changing that policy.


Maybe go to the bathroom before you play a game?

Just an idea there.


but sometimes they will not agree

Yes. That happens.

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As a smoker, i like using long enough timesettings in live games to have a cigarette in the middle of the game. Or use the toilet if necessary. Works for me.

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If you are playing custom games, fischer timing may provide enough flexibility for your needs.

Byo-Yomi tends to allow a significant amount of initial time and then 30s periods (or similar) after that. That leaves you stuck later in the game. With fischer you may start with less initial time but if you play a few quick moves you may have enough time for distractions. Bathroom, smoke, cat-on-keyboard or whatever.

Nb. Even if you don’t use pause it may be worth typing brb (be right back) in the chat just so they know you aren’t escaping.

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You agreed to the time-settings. Why should your opponent be forced to wait for you? Maybe they have a concert ticket later in the evening.

Choose your time-settings according to your needs. I like to play Fischer with 5min max. Enough to collect time and rapidly go to the toilet.

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In a real life tournament game you don’t pause the game to go to toilet, have a coffee or a cigarette. You have correspondence games for more relaxed time management.

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In a real tournament game you can use your time as you like: drinking, smoking, going to toilet or even just taking a walk to clear your mind.
The game isn’t paused. The clock ticks. If you do timeout you lose.
The same can be done with live games on OGS: just choose timesettings that allow you to take a break if you need to.

Anyway, if a sudden problem arises not scheduled, a player can ask for pause and the opponent can decide if he wants to do so. Nobody could force him, but he can decide to allow it.
As long as both players agree, they can do what they want.

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A bit offtopic, but: On the other hand, in a real tournament, players don’t get a rating penalty for not playing in a given round (or leaving the tournament altogether).

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