Tips for a certain part

Hey there,
I am learning the Game right now and start playing more. I played a Game and I think I lost it very early.
I think in this game there are more than one mistake but I would be pleased if someone could give me a Tip for a certain part.

The Game:
Start at Turn 35 how could I play this better so that the Group not dies instantly ?

Did the best I could:

I think your main problem in this game was when you attacked black on the right. It seems to me that you didn’t really have a plan for this (e.g. “ok I want to make a life on the side to reduce black territory even if it gives him influence to the middle”, or, “ok, I want to force black to play low, and gain influence to the middle”). Even closer to the 100th move the white group still had potential to live and crawl through black’s moyo reducing it.

That being said, I think your early game is pretty good for a 21k player.

Thanks for your comments ! I This help me a lot