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Your style is flexible
Your Go style is flexible: you can play for territory as well as for influence.
Usually you make such decisions according to the whole-board situation or the playing style of your opponent.
You may force him to choose the strategy he hates. For example, if he likes moyos, you can play for influence yourself, just for making him angry.
Your Go style is actually the best one.
You may improve your Go by studying different things, but I suggest paying attention on yose and positional judgment.

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Nice! now you desserve to play some online casinos :star_struck:

I got the same report but i think i didn’t think enough :sweat_smile:

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Your style is influence-oriented

I bet you enjoy your games, but it’s hard to keep high winning percentage by playing for moyos only.
You may know that it’s easier to save the groups, than to attack and kill them.
Try to pay more attention on getting territory. Study games, played by Kobayashi Koichi, Yu Bin, Lee Changho, Paek Yeonghun and follow their ideas.

I wonder how to keep high winning percentages at all, but by playing against weaker players.

They promote 17 different online casinos on their main site (style.baduk.org). What’s that site for?

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I don’t know, but my overall figures say that my wins are more than my losses… it must be because of my flexible style! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@flovo: I’d think Alexander Dinerchtein 1p aka @breakfast, like some other pros, doesn’t have an easy time trying to live from Go only.
OK for me to have some advertising there.

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Personalized ads freeze me to death. Soon they will use even more personal things…

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