TONIGHT: Inaugural Quzhou Lanke Go Supermatch with commentary by Michael Redmond 9p

This evening, 2021-12-02T03:00:00Z, Game 1 of the Quzhou Lanke Go Supermatch will be streamed live on the official AGA Twitch channel. Stephen Hu will host commentary by Michael Redmond 9p starting at 10:30pm EST.

The match is between Ke Jie 9p (China) vs. Lian Xiao 9p (China). Time controls are 2 hours main time, followed by 5 periods of 1-minute byo-yomi.

The event is taking place in Quzhou, China, to christen a new Go Center, built where the Legend of the Rotten Axe took place, in which a woodcutter observed two immortals playing a game of Go.

Ke Jie 9p vs. Lian Xiao 9p

Some pictures of the new center:

Link to the official AGA e-Journal article: Inaugural Quzhou Lanke Go Supermatch « American Go E-Journal


Could the time be posted in the forum thingie way where it’s displayed in everyone’s local timezone? I can’t tell how late that is and it’s late for time conversions. :crying_cat_face:


Could you remind me how to do that? x)
Edit: figured it out! Thanks for the suggestion




Thanks for the edit
Just be careful here

Anyway nice pics and good to know!

On a side note, twitch and wikipedia are not accessible in China unless using a VPN. (Otherwise a demo on OGS is) But maybe Chinese players are not the public aimed.

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