Too Complex Timers

the timers are too complex should be more simple my idea is like per 25 stones and so you can choose ,

1 min
3 min
5 min
10 min
15 min

like panda go few options of timers would be good as it is now it is so complex you had to sit and read all timers.not only timers and board sizes too 99 1313 19*19 should be enough why making the website so complex,this website need simplification

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I disagree, the wide variety is a good thing. If you want a time setting like that simply use the Canadian timer. Simple isn’t always best.

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The list @malresser suggested covers most use cases. The rest can be replaced with a custom option that lets the user choose their own values. Having too many options to choose from adds needless complexity and it is not user friendly. It’s a classical user experience problem.

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Like always here on OGS awell placed documentation would solve the problem
(not that there is none, but it is not where it needed in the moment…(in this case for axample a link directly nearby the timeoptions, or a mouseover explenation)

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Actually no, byo yomi settings is without the most common and is the default for ogs. Is it really so hard to click on it and switch to to the Canadian setting.

As for board sizes the most common is at the top with other choice below is not at all complex… His suggestion was also to just get rid of them as well…

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Honestly the way ogs is setup is as simple as it can get…

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Personally i enjoy having the option to choose between multiple different time settings, some of the options here - like absolute (and also the canadian) - feel kinda annoying for me, but i can understand some people liking them too. I don’t want to force anyone to stop using them, even if i don’t like using them myself.

I honestly think the best thing on OGS is having the option to choose EXACTLY the settings i want to use, if i want to have to have a 15x15 game with 10min+3x20s byo-yomis i can do it here, same thing if i want to have a long correspondence game like +3 days/move with fisher timing and chinese rules. I’ve always disliked servers like kgs or dgs because i can only play with certain types of games, i rather use just this one instead hopping between different servers in order to play games of go with variant time settings.

(btw does anyone know any other server that allow players to choose so freely)

Sure, I love my freedom of choice.
What would maybe help is the idea someone (sorry I don’t remember who) came up with in a different thread of being able to create several presets for your favourite games. I loved that idea very much and that’s why I am pushing it here as well. I believe most of the users have several game (and time) settings they like playing and being able to save these two or three different settings to select them quickly would be awesome I think.


I like the options game settings as they are, but I agree with @Adam3141 that presets would be awesome. I play mostly live games and the occasional correspondence game with a stronger friend, so the settings are very different. It’s a bit tedious to go through them all each time, and I’ve occasionally forgotten and, for example, started a game with with someone two stones weaker than me giving myself a three stone handicap.

Aside from the common sense preset things, I’d love to be able to set rank restrictions as +/- n ranks (or +n, -m ranks) rather than entering the explicit ratings.

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