Tooltips with coordinates

There is an option to display coordinates on sides of the broad, but I prefer to not use this option as the board without side coordinates look cleaner. However in rare cases I need to mention in the ingame chat the coordinates of a certain intersection and just for that it’s very inconvenient to go to the profile settings, enable coordinates and then disable them. A much more convenient and clean option would be to hover the mouse over an intersection and see the coordinate in, let’s say, the lower right corner of the board (or maybe as a tooltip near the cursor).


Coordinate label on/off quick setting is coming back sometime in the future. You can hold down CTRL and leftclick on the board to “type” that coordinate to the chat.


Second what @Pempu said, but anyway, the label tip idea seems to be pretty cool. :smiley:

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Pempu, that’s exactly what I need. Thanks!