Tournament assigned two games at once to each player


Live 9x9 Double Elimination Tournament 2016-09-07 02:30

In the above tournament each player was put in two games simultaneously and there was some confusion as to which one counted or if both did. there appears to be at least one other tournament that has had this problem, below

Live 9x9 Double Elimination Tournament 2016-03-17 18:30



sorry to those who did well, but can we have these scores dropped? the bug skewed the results


just happened to me too :slight_smile:

It was a blitz double elimination tournament. just five players, funny thing first round nobody was playing, it was two games, both going to timeout. I was on bye. And suddenly I was involved in two games, two clocks counting… with sound, at 10 seconds. both with lower ranks, I said to try for fun, and made two windows and played both. I am a fast player so I managed not to lose them on time, and win the one with the ddk, but the sdk wiped me out, since the difference in rank was minimal.

And now the real funny thing. One of the games even was not real :slight_smile: I mean does not appear in the tournament. Here in my game list the game appears as being in tournament, but in the tournament is not displayed. I post it here just as record for developers in case is needed.

Actually this was really funny, and can be seen as a punishment for entering a tournament with such a gap in ranks.


May be related to this, so maybe is worth mentioning.

I noticed that some tournament trophies appears on duplicate too. Not a bad thing, I have a trophy more :slight_smile:
But may help in locating the bug, and so I report it.

I see that was reported twice before, so maybe I should have added the report there, but I put it here because actually what I point is the possible link between both duplicate issues. Sorry for not reporting it on github, I am lost there.