Tournament awards

In AGA tournaments, or really any Swiss McMahon style tournament, there is a risk of people leaving before the whole thing is over.

Here, that happens through disqualification more than resignation.

I think OGS needs to increase the incentives for sticking around even if you are mathematically out Of the top 3.

Just some random ideas for keeping players from 4th to last in the tournaments they sign up for.…

The Donkey Kong award – Largest margin of victory
The Karate Kid – smallest margin of victory
The Braveheart – all games, win or lose, within Komi
The Zen Master – all games won within Komi
The Dan Killer – given to the Kyu player who defeats the most Dan players in tournaments where they will have to face them. Has to go into rated status (past 19 moves.)

This is the start. I hope you guys chime in with more award ideas and I hope the developers see the merit of it.

In the profile, you can separate trophies and awards if you think it’s necessary for credibility or whatever.


The bulldozer award. Given to the player in the last position who played all games to a conclusion.


I’m bringing this thread back from the great beyond.

We need to keep players in the tournaments and ladders.

Awards. Bulldozer would be awesome. I was the lone DDK in a recent tournament. I played through to the end… Finished last.

I would also say we need achievements in the ladders. I entered the site wide ladder with 1200 opponents. Now it is down to 800. That is a problem.

5 wins in a row… Rock climber for moving 50 spaces in 50 games. Scalpel for getting 5 resignations in a row. The community can be far more clever than me on this.

I want to keep this topic up.


When timeout, players get disqualified, that is the reason for smaller number of players…

Absolute Master for defending 1st place 10 times in a row. Fortress for defending any place 10 times in a row. Ninja for defeating current Absolute Master. These are for ladders…

Devs and mods: what do you think about @SunPin’s idea?

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Just one note: I think awards really make sense if players need to do their best to get them… Someone may want Bulldozer, and resign all games just to get it. Which would not be really fair because that is not idea of tournaments and ladders, right? Not saying it is a bad idea, just a suggestion.

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Any award would most definitely go only to players who do their best – the essence of Onegaishimasu.

Let’s work out Bulldozer. We can make the criteria as restrictive as “complete every game and finish last” Or a little less restrictive as in simply all rated games and finish last.

I think the less restrictive criteria is easier on everybody. If you == last place and all rounds complete then award bulldozer.

I wouldn’t want to see players staying in a known lost game just to get bulldozer out of it.

I’ve seen people do crazy, complete nonsense things in this game but I hope nobody is going to take 6 to 12 rated losses just to get a bulldozer.

Tournament directors could get some leeway on what would be required for each award.

By default, bulldozer qualification would not begin until halfway through the rounds and maybe not even available unless your tournament is a minimum of 6 or 8 rounds.

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The Railgun… Wins 100% of tournament matches.

The Fireball… Wins 60% of tournament matches

The Grim Reaper… Wins 100% of tournament matches by resignations.

Gone Postal… Has a losing record in each round of the tournament and get 75% in the final round.

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