Tournament Bug? Why Didn't I Play The Next Round?


I’m confused. I won the last match, in this tournament, but I did not move forward. I haven’t lost once in this tournament. What am I missing :thinking:?

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It’s the funniest tournament bug I’ve seen so far.
Looking at the API (, you should still be playing:

        "points": 4.0,
        "eliminated": false,
        "resigned": false,
        "disqualified": false,
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Thank you very much for confirming @flovo. Is this something that a Moderator can fix or am I just out of luck?

Look at this. It happened to another player. @GlacialNoivern pointed out that in this tournament, in the 4th round, @ilsan should have gone on to face @acadec. Then I should have faced the winner of that match. But ilsan never got their chance :sob:.

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I think it’s not a bug.

The rules are double elimination, and until the previous round neither yq3 nor Mulsiphix had lost a game yet. Then Mulsiphix won from yq3, which means yq3 has one loss.

In the double elimination, the winner of the winning bracket will go against the winner of the losing bracket, so that means that we need to know who is the winner of the losing bracket: yq3 or MrGo66 (both having a single loss at this time). That’s exactly what the current match is deciding.

Perhaps the thing that is confusing is that the match is aligned along with the winning bracket. If it was aligned at the bottom it would probably be less confusing.


Besides, it still would be a graphics bug, @Mulsiphix1 should have got a bye but there is no bye in round 5. As far as I recall, every player should have an entry in each round. But maybe I’m wrong.

            "finished_matches": 0,
            "total_matches": 1,
            "round_number": 5,
            "byes": 0

for some reason there is no bye in round 4 as well. Maybe it’s only a graphics bug after all.


But what about the tournament that @Mulsiphix1 posted? I ask this question because in this tournament @ilsan never lost a match but never got to play in the finale round like he/she should have. Instead @acadec faced @Mulsiphix1 in the finale round. @ilsan should have played @Mulsiphix1 for the first place trophy right, or am i missing something?