Tournament clock setting

45 minutes main time; 5 byo yomi periods of 30 seconds

Can someone explain to me what above clock setting means for my first tournament? Thanks!

For the first 45 minutes of the match, each player can take as long as he wants to make his moves.

After the main time is up, he enters Byo-Yomi: now he has 30 seconds for each move—but as long as he observes the constraint, he can make as many moves as needed.

Now, if he exceeds 30 seconds at any time, the number of periods he has will be reduced by 1 and the counter reset to 30 seconds.

If there is no period left and he reaches the 30-second mark, he will lose by timeout.

More concisely (but technical):

Byo-Yomi: Clock begins with main_time, after the main time is exhausted the clock is set to period_time and the number of periods is decreased. If the player makes a move before the period is up, the clock is reset to period_time. If the player exhausts the clock again and there are periods remaining, the clock is set to the period_time again and the period counter is decreased. This continues until all periods have been used up, at which time a player loses on time.

Displays should show the base time, and the number of periods left, and optionally how long each period is.

And for an example, here’s Haylee’s third match against Leela Zero (30m main time + 3 x 40s; she enters Byo-Yomi around 00:53 in the video):



A follow up on this, how do I manage the time? Any specific suggestions?

Never played a tournament or used clock before.