Tournament Directing Question

Hello everyone, I happen to have a question concerning tournament directing. Recently I created my own tournament (so I am the directer), and I am also participating in it. The tournament started a couple of days ago and so far it seems to be going smoothly. However, I do have a question regarding my status as a directer. It appears that I have serious control over the tournament such as the ability to disqualify players and adjust their points (the tournament is a McMahon). I am wondering if the tournament automatically disqualifies players and changes their points properly or if I have to do it. I would hope that ideally the computer will be able to take care of all of this and score properly. However, if I must manually take care of everything in the tournament, would someone provide me with the rules for the McMahon. I would hate to accidentally screw something up for my fellow participants.

Thanks from the “GoBoard” (@_GoBoard)

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I’m pretty sure most of these things are automatic, and those TD controls are a measure for unforeseen circumstances.


Thank you very much for clarifying this, mekriff. That is what I was hoping for. :grinning:

All done automatically. I’ve never needed to use the adjustment controls for my tournaments. The only scenario I can imagine might be where a game is ended incorrectly, annulled by a Mod and the points need to be fixed for that.


Thank you very much @Kosh, That will make things simple for me. :grinning: