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Take a look at this tournament. It started with 20 people. Notice ernshack’s path. After four rounds he’s only played two games. In contrast, Melinde-Mari and I have played four games.

The reason is in rounds 3 and 4 we had an odd number of players remaining, he he was the odd man out in both cases, getting a free pass. I think it’d be better if the tournament system would not pick someone to be odd man out for a round if any other players have been odd man out fewer times.

So in this case, ernshack in round 4 would have been assigned to play me or Melinde-Mari. Then when we get to the round 5, the number of rounds each player got a pass would be equal or a difference of 1 round, but not a difference of 2 rounds.

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I believe this has occurred because the ‘pairing method’ chosen by the tournament director ( @Mulsiphix ) for the tournament is ‘strength’. ie it is trying to match people up of similar ability. This is good for a tournament where the main aim is to have fun, challenging games but as you illustrate, it may result in a somewhat unfair process if the focus is on the end result of the tournament.

If anything, it is @ernshack who has grounds for complaint because he’s the one that isn’t getting games of Go !

I agree with you, there never should be more than 1 bye per player, unless it’s absolutely necessary (like when there is only 1 player in the winners-bracket in double elimination.)

2 consecutive byes for one player is kinda unacceptable for fun and enjoyable tournament :confused:

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I have been frustrated with a lot of the tournaments I’ve been seeing, because of how people skip ahead when player numbers aren’t even. I have also noticed the same person skipping ahead multiple times. Even if this is the result of the Strength/Strength pairing method, it would be nice if an option were added to the tournament creation rules, that allowed you to specify that if the same player would be skipped twice, to cycle through other players who have not yet skipped. In the case that it was a Strength/Strength pairing, it could just cycle to the next most relevantly skilled player. Even if it did it randomly, that would be okay. Is something like that possible Kosh?

Second question, in the same tournament that is listed by theexternvoid, I do not appear in the Elimination bracket once I lose to Melinda-Mari by Timeout. Is this because once I timed out I was disqualified from the tournament entirely?

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It is not possible for a tournament director like you or I to organise this. Could it be programmed by the devs? Almost certainly but that is not my area of expertise and I imagine they have higher priorities.

Yes. Timing out of a game will always get you disqualified/eliminated from that tournament.

I’m not sure. Is it possible for me to change who is matched up with who, after the tournament has already decided it? The moment it makes the match-ups for the next round, the players begin their matches. Doesn’t seem like there would be any time to manually adjust the matches. Which I’m not sure if that is possible. I’ve never looked. Do you know Kosh?

After a tournament starts the only things a tournament director can do are:

  • Adjust points in some formats (eg. Simul McMahon) and
  • Disqualify a player.

There is definitely no way to manually control pairings.

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