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Currently there is a list of tournaments on the user’s home and profile pages.
It lists the tournaments open for registration, and the tournaments the user is participating in.

It would be nice to have some visual clue to see if it is open for registration or already started (apart from having to read all the dates and times and do timezone conversion)

Also, I would love to see the round each tournament is currently in, and the number of ongoing games and total games in that round in the list, someting like:
Monthly Simultaneous McMahon 2017-09-16 17:00 (20 ongoing/100 total games in R1)

This would make it easier to see if the tournament is close to going to the next round. And thus make it easier to decidebetween enlisting for a new tournament and waiting for an older one to advance to the next round.

Kind regards, Mirjam


Great idea :slight_smile: I submitted it as a feature request at

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Personally, I find this feature very “counterintuitive”.

Sometimes I want to check my rank in a tournament , only to find that I have not registered there.

Other times I want to join a tournament, and find that I am already in.

I think they should be 2 separate lists :the tournaments that you are “in” and that are “available”.


I agree with everything in this thread. I also wish it was in chronological order, not alphabetical order. I have no idea why a tournament that ended in 2015 is prioritized ahead of tournaments going on now.


+1 to andysif and speedchase (I didn’t even realise they were sorted alphabetically but agree chronologically makes sense)

It shouldn’t have even been there in the first place.

Maybe it shouldn’t be there, but the Alan Turing Title Tournament from 2012 is in the Tournament list on my homepage.

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