Tournament - not showing games as completed

In the Tournament there are a number of games that show up as still in progress (? mark in the status), however many of them are in fact over.

Is there any way to update the status? I think the tournament is on hold while these games complete and it should be over by now.



That is an old, well-known bug of Simultaneous McMahon Tournaments. If two players played in some of previous rounds, all games in future rounds will not actually be played, and link will lead you to their first (and only) game of that tournament.
But don’t worry: it was fixed long time ago! :smile:

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The new tournament system will fix most of these old bugs. :slight_smile:

Its not so far away!

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The same problem is with tournament All games are finished, but in the torunament table most of them are marked as “?”. Also in my profile in the trophy area there is an icon signifed as no trophy icon and, instead of normal desciption, it (icon) has the description “bronze_tourn_13”. Can it be fixed (maybe manually)?