Tournament rules vs cheating

I love tournaments but I don’t really understand the general rules about cheating.
In one of my last tournaments, a player cheated me in the scoring stage. He never accepted the result.
I never accepted it too, I accepted the automatic one which was right.
After a while I was really surprised because the system declared I lost (taking the decision on its own.)

Now I did report; my opponent was banned and the game cancelled.

But still I did lose this win (and the tournament).
So anyone can be annoying, interfering the tournament if he wants to and if he doesn’t care that much for his personal sanction?

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As you probably know, Mods can’t change the result of a finished game, only annul it. However; speaking as a frequent tournament director, if you have successfully convinced a Mod to annul the game, it would be reasonable for you to ask the tournament director to then modify the points of the tournament. Nb. this can only be done before the tournament ends.


Good point. But for the system that game still remains a loss ( profile, rating …)

What is the reason behind for letting the system take (wrong) decision instead of the players or an admin?

That’s not true. An annulled game does not count for rating.


Hmmm. Looks like your tournament was a site-wide one so my first reply was not of much use to you though it might apply to others who find this thread.

The system doesn’t take the decision(except in games vs bots). It offers a starting point to manually agree the score. The OGS documentation is currently being rewritten but I’ve taken the liberty of copying the relevant draft section:

Scoring (the stone removal phase)

When two consecutive passes occur, the game enters the stone removal phase. The OGS system automatically provides a preliminary scoring of the game. It does make mistakes, however. So the players then simultaneously make any needed corrections by clicking on stones or territory/area. This changes the status of the items. For example, stones and territory that you have captured will be marked as yours, or if the system has marked some of your stones as dead, when they are really in seki, you can reverse that marking. Clicking marks contiguous groups, while a shift-click will mark items one at a time.

Each time the game state is altered by either player, the internal clock for acceptance of the result is reset. When all stones are marked correctly click the “Accept removed stones” button. Once both players have accepted the result, the game concludes. If one of the players does not accept, nor offer differently marked position the current state is accepted after a period of time (depending on the time settings).

:exclamation: Game scores are final

Once both players have accepted the outcome of a game, there is no way to alter the game state (not even the administrators have this capability), so double check that everything looks right before you accept!

The Auto-score button will reset the state to the original preliminary scoring. It can be used in case a mistake is made during the process of correcting the score.

If you and your opponent cannot agree on the status of some stones, or if you missed something, you can click the Cancel and resume game button to pick up where you left off and continue playing the game. Two consecutive passes will again bring you back to the stone removal phase.

If the game cannot be resolved for whatever reason (e.g., if it is unclear whether a group is in seki), then pause the game by mutual consent and click the Call moderator button on the side panel.


From your post my guess would be that this part in particular was unknown to you:

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The system takes decision:
If one of the players does not accept, nor offer differently marked position the current state is accepted after a period of time (depending on the time settings).

That’s the point. I kept going with the right scoring but finally the system selected the cheated one.

And pausing the game on mutual consent … When someone is trying to cheat in a blitz tournament…

In real life tournament if you call for judges, you don’t have to worry on time running ( or to fight for that).

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There appears to be a good case for pausing the clock if a moderator is called by either player during the scoring phase.


As a (new!) mod I agree - it’s kinda stressful to parachute into a stone-removal dispute with the clock ticking.

I’ll raise it …


Or worse… To arrive a few minutes too late