Tournaments creation

Is there a way to include a initial time for every round in a tournament?

When making a tournament, it sets the initial tournament time but every round begins right after finished the last one. There is no time to rest between rounds.

It will be useful to use OGS as a complete tool for online national, international and domestic tournaments.

Maybe create a chart for punctuation too :slight_smile:

Thank you



This idea has merit to my mind. It would allow OGS to have tournaments similar to the โ€˜One game in the morning, two in the afternoon.โ€™ style of tournament that I have seen offered by various organisations.

Workaround: If the tournament director is playing in the tournament themselves then the timing of rounds can be controlled by the TD pausing their game at itโ€™s conclusion (or having a trusted player(s) do so) and the individual round start times would need to be stated in the tournament details ofc.

Not sure what you mean by this. Maybe lost something in translation.

My gut feeling is that this kind of tournament would only work with prearranged groups of people. I imagine random tournaments of this sort open to all would suffer horrendous โ€˜no showโ€™ rates.

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