Tournaments: Mc Mahon vs. Swiss

Hi all,
I wonder, why half of the automatic tournements are played in swiss-system. At least in Europe, we usually play McMahon - that prevents lots of frustration caused by way too strong (or too weak) opponents. Why not changing to McMahon?


Right now these tournaments drive the leaderboards which should be composed of the strongest players on the site. Typically our auto tournaments also use strength-based pairing ensuring as good of matchups in the tournament as possible.

We do also run handicap tournaments, we’ve just been experimenting with this lately.

Sort of along these lines, are there are plans to expand the variety of auto-tournaments available?

Right now, the only 13x13 is option is a blitz, and the slowest 19x19 option is 10mins+3x30s (which some may still find a bit too quick).

It would be nice to have a larger variety of time setting, tournament format, and board size combinations.

By the way, how are the leaderboards calculated? If these are mainly being driven by non-handicap tournaments, they seem to be all over the place, but maybe that’s just what’s indicated from the sparse data.