Trial move with AI enabled

  1. Trial mode:
    AS IS: if the trial move that the user plays is one of the candidate moves, the AI variation is displayed instead, which the user might not want to see it.
    TO BE: trail mode is started whenever the user plays a move (AI candidates, actual game move, or other moves), and the user can try different variations by going back and forth, until he/she clicks “stop trial”. (in some tool, it’s called start/stop review)

  2. AI variation:
    AS IS:When the cursor moves to an AI’s candidate move, the variation of that move is displayed, but only the first move isplayed (solid color), the rest of moves are visible but not played (semi-transparent color), this way, the user cannot go backward and forward because those 2nd to n’th moves are not played yet, although they are visible, but because the same position can be played multiple times, it causes confusion all the time.
    TO BE: AI variation of a candidate move should be displayed as a trial variation, the user can go backward and forward. For this purpose, (1) enter trial mode: click on one of the candidate moves (2) leave trial mode: click stop trial.

If you are not clear, I will upload some screenshots.

One issue (not sure if you call it a BUG) with AS IS is wrong color possibly due to superposition of two moves. See the screenshot, the move 15 should be white instead of black.

In the meantime, the AI (Fine Art) review at Fox Weiqi is a good reference.

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