Trick to always win againt gnugo & kugutsu

hi i found a sequence you play with black and win everytime because the ai replay the same

TM[120]OT[30 fischer]

The only way to truly win is not to play them.

Yes, these weak bots tend to replay the same mistakes over and over again. This is exactly why i always recommend beginners (and also stronger players, if they ever were ask my advice) to NOT to play with bots.

You either learn how to play against those specific mistakes (that no human player would ever do) or whats even worse, you might start thinking that those mistakes are good way to play go.


here is the game

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I guess the implied question is “does something need to be done about this, to preserve rank-integrity?”

If someone exploits this for rank-gain, I guess it will be obvious … will the bot start dropping rank, and that will stand out?

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Using a kifu is not allowed in live games, [edit] unless of course, you memorise it before the game [/edit], so I do hope you don’t use this technique either in live or blitz.
Though, what you describe should be possible in corr games.

“The only type of computer assistance allowed is games databases for opening lines and joseki databases for corner patterns in correspondence Go. You cannot receive ANY outside assistance on live or blitz Go games.”

You can, however, shoulder-hit everything to win by points vs gnugo-based bots, as is described here.

It’s allowed if you memorize it.

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I join 100% Koba opinion. Now the problem with this is even more deep, it’s not only how you win but it’s also how players tend to appropriate the way of playing of these software.
For basic example the way to expect that maybe your opponent will not see and commit a failure. Even if it doesn’t work.

Bad habits are the most difficult to quit to progress later. I know some 10k stuck because of this.