Trying to Play Go, but

What’s wrong with logging onto a site, playing 50 games a day, participating in some light banter here and there, then expecting to repeat the process regularly?

Every time a certain mod sees me, he stops me from logging back in. I could understand if I were rude or broke a rule of some sort, but changing my name yesterday to an equivalent of “go die” followed by immediately being banned on sight today really makes it feel like I’m being targeted for no reason. (Maybe I beat him while he was on an alt or something?)

I received no warnings, no direct messages, and no communication of any sort.
I’ve been following the rules along with Go etiquette
Yet I get attacked by mods for two days straight now.


Note: While typing this on my laptop, this account just got banned as well. No warning, no reason, no communication as to why.

Hello. It was not me who banned your recent account, but the mod note says you were banned for creating multiple accounts without usernames and for trolling. You were reported for this at least twice. Our general practice is to message first, but we are not obligated, and you would not have seen it since you make a new account every day.

We have also not banned anyone in the last few hours, so I’ve no idea what your last post is on about. I suggest emailing, making a new account with a name that does not consist entirely of blank characters, and avoid conduct that may be perceived as trolling.


So for using legal characters in a username, and being perceived as trolling.

I do not make a new account every day. I would not have had to make a new account today for example if my older account that consisted of legal username characters wasn’t switched to mean “go die”.

As for being reported, I play fast, which makes some insecure people uncomfortable. You can see that in the game history, where I end up playing the same person multiple times in a row. I stay every game with a “Hi.” as my first move, and a “Thanks for the game.” at the end. Due to this combination, I’ve had several say directly to me that they reported me for being a bot, but sadly, I incorrectly assumed the burden of proof was on the accuser.

So what you’re ultimately saying to me is, you only want the people who you like to be on your server. If I follow your recommended process and create a new account, what’s to stop the mod from considering fast play paired with a greeting and thanks at the end as “trolling”? Especially when it comes from a user with a legal name?

But it seems like you won’t even begin to consider that as a possibility. “Mods are never wrong”, right?

Ok first off, I thought it was a good joke originally. You just took it WAY WAY too far, and refused to stop when it became annoying. :man_shrugging:

Your original name was changed to: exspiravit

I am not an expert on latin, but according to google it means ghost, which seems like a cool username to me :slight_smile: Either way interpreting it as “go die” is a rather far fetched and deliberate, especially since it was further explained to you in general chat after your inquiry, which I saw personally, so no denying :stuck_out_tongue: .

After this you proceeded to try and create several more accounts with null username. Yes, it is our fault that the username is not checked for these characters and it will be addressed in future releases (for which we thank you for pointing that out.), but until then let me refer you to our ToS which state that it is prohibited to

  • Disrupt the normal flow of dialog or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other users’ ability to communicate through or use Services provided by

I am not sure what you were or were not told in PM, but having a null username that is not clickable by other users which makes your history unavilable to anyone not versed in html falls into this category in my opinion. If you just want to play, then just play under a “normal” username and you will have no trouble at all. (Fell free to ask me for a change of your original username to anything you want - as long as it is “normal”)

Either way, I am locking this thread. Other users cannot help you with this issue which makes it irrelevant for others in my opinion. If you want to further discuss this, feel free to send me a PM and if you no longer want this thread listed you should be able to delete it yourself or let me know and I will do it for you.