"tsuke-kashi"? (resolved: it was tsuke-koshi, I can't read)

I was just reading British Go Journal #31 (March 1976), in which, on pg. 8, former British Champion * Paul Prescott presents the answers to the 1975 Christmas quiz.

( * three-time challenger, one-time victor in 1974 when the title match was a single game)

In his solution to Question 6, posed in #30, he shows this diagram


and notes

One instantly thinks of the tsuke-kashi tesuji shown in Figure 6(a), but although White is cut off, he lives.

Have any of you ever heard the term tsuke-kashi before?

I couldn’t find it on Sensei’s Library. It obviously has some relation to tsuke (attachment).

Black 1 is a tsuke-koshi (“attach across”).

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Ah, I’m dumb!

Thanks. On a second look I can see that it was a very clear o.