Tsumego help

yes, i did. Two eyes are no needed. thank you very much.:grin:

@smurph and @violaine : so I went back to the picture (with the intent to explain to @jeffreyng why the Q18-O19 exchange is not a good idea).
I can’t find a way for black to prevent white from escaping or living locally. Even without R11 white escapes with A or B…

Your move?

What about playing 2 at N15?

That’s good shape, but it won’t prevent white from escaping with P14 (even if R11 is not present).

4 is wrong. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I am having a hard time finding another move that would work, as O15 becomes very weak after white P15. I tried black P14, but after white Q14 black has too many weaknesses (even if no stone at R11).