Turn on time warnings in zen mode

Is there a way to get visual time warnings in zen mode? I use my phone to play at times, and I find zen mode way easier to use in that context. But by default there are no visual warnings that your time is running out, and I’ve been surprised by a time-out loss several times now.

I emphasize visual because I also keep the sound muted; I actually have no idea whether there are audible warnings in zen mode!

I suppose it would be more prudent to call it “big picture” mode and leave sound/warning/whatever to the user instead of calling it zen mode and evoking ideas of instant peace and quiet.

I’m even fine with the implied peace and quiet of “zen mode.” And I don’t particularly like watching the clock most of the time – it feels like distracting clutter. But if I’m about to time out I want to know!

It does seem like something that would be easy enough to make user-configurable…

Greasemonkey? Whatever its latest incarnation is called.

Of course you can just improve the relevant OGS UI code on github and do a something request so they just have to merge.