Turtle Games

This is the official thread of the Turtle Games group on the OGS forum.

Turtle Games presents open tournaments for all OGS players. You don’t need to join “another group” to play in my tournaments. Participate in the Turtle Games tournaments and thank you for your participation!

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The first Turtle Games tournament will begin in just a few days. Hurry up, because the number of places is limited! :wink:

Due to the great popularity of the Turtle Games 1, I added 8 more places for the tournament participants. Hurry up to take part! :checkered_flag:


The snipe.

Good that you managed to draw a lot of players. Good luck with tournament!


Thank you!

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The Turtle Games 1 tournament has successfully started today. The tournament is attended by 24 people and I am sure it will be an exciting competition. I would like to thank all the players taking part in this tournament. More Turtle Games in the near future. :wink:

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I just noticed it started.


The Turtle Games are starting a competition again. It’s a small, warm, tube tournament on a cozy little board. Welcome! :wink:

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What is a tube tournament?

Oh, it’s just a figure of speech for coziness. :blush:

It’s probably in reference to underground trains: small and crowded. I guess it depends on the perception of metro services on each country, but for some that probably sounds just right.

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That’s what I meant:


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Some musical reference, opposing the tube old synthesiser with a warm sound to the more digital ones later?

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Yes, something like that. :slightly_smiling_face: