Two Bugs in Game Challenge Window: Rank Restriction and Setting not Remembered

#Bug in Game Challenge Dialog Window:

##1) Rank Restriction not Working

In some cases (e.g. when the min and max rank is the same, but also in other cases) the rank restriction seems not to have any effect. Examples:

  • I enter rank min = max = 19k, but I get an opponent of rank 21k accepting my game (AGA 13x13).
  • I enter rank min = max = 15k, but I get an opponent of rank 16k accepting my game (he is almost 14k [rating = 596]) (AGA 13x13).
  • Also a challenge on 19x19 AGA did not obey my rank restriction 20k…22k - I got a match with an opponent of 19k.
  • Also a challenge on 19x19 AGA did not obey my rank restriction 18k…22k - I got a match with an opponent of 17k.
  • Also a challenge on 9x9 AGA did not obey my rank restriction 7d…13k - I got a match with an opponent of 15k.

The problem is observed in both ranked and unranked game challenges.

For clarification: I am really talking about the rank at the time that the game happened.

##2) GUI does not remember the “Handicap” setting from last time

The following happens with both Smarthpone (Chrome Browser/Android) and also with PC (Firefox/Linux):

The GUI does not always (but sometimes - about 50% chance) remember the handicap setting properly. When the game challenge settings window opens, the value for “handicap” is often initialised with “undefined” (=selection of an entirely empty field without any descriptive text in it) although I always(!) set this to “automatic”.

By the way, I do not understand the purpose of “undefined” in the first place - either it is automatic or it is a pre-defined value. What is undefined supposed to mean? I assume this empty field should not exist in the first place, right?

See Screenshots:


The rank restriction problems sound like they might be rooted in the separate ranks. I believe it is not possible for me to accept a correspondence game restricted to 1d-7d because my correspondence rank is 1k, even though my overall rank is 1d.

This is just untested speculation, the devs could shed some light here :smile:

yeah, i’ve been confused about this also. there is at least ‘overall rank’ and ‘rank with these time settings’. when i set min rank, its with the intent of not playing with more than 4 handicap stones. but sometimes i get a game with 9.

fwiw i also get the ‘undefined’ handicap default a lot. i just try to remember to check
before i open the challenge. not sure what the implication is of having it be undefined

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