Two id's

Somehow I have ended up with two id’s or accounts which is becoming too complicated. I would like to just have my original account (daongabe) and delete my other account (dwightongabriola). Not even sure how I ended up with both. At the moment I am involved in two correspondence games as dwightongabriola and would like to complete them. I prefer to use daongabe but whenever I call up OGS, dwightongabriola appears. Very confusing.

Sorry , seems there is no way to join 2 accounts in one

Many players do that for different reasons. Not necessarily a bad thing, but obviously it’s up to you to decide.

Account can’t be deleted, since their games involve other players.
They can be abandoned though. They can also be “anonymized” by mods, if you don’t want that name to be there.

OGS stores many informations as cookies on your device. This is useful in many ways, but can be annoying when managing two accounts: you have to log off with one and log in with the other.

Another option is to use two different browsers: cookies are browser related, so you can have your two accounts active simultaneously on your device (pc, phone, whatever) if you use two browsers.

My advice is: take your time to complete your games, then you’ll be able to log off and abandon your second account or to ask some mod to lock it (by changing its username and password).

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Thanks for your helpful replies.