Two of Cho Chikuns Puzzles

Hi, I have been making Cho Cikuns Puzzles here on online go, and there are two (so far), where I disagree with the given solution, and I want to ask if others see it the same, or different.
Puzzle 96: The task is for black to kill; but I think it ends in Seki.

Link to the puzzle:

Puzzle 182: white is supposed to live, it ends in “disadvantegeous ko”, I think white dies, at the end of any of the solutions.
Link to the puzzle:

Please provide direct links

Ok I put the links,
good idea :wink:

First puzzle: yes it’s seki

second: if you win the Ko you live

One other comment, for anyone looking, if randomly transform colors is on it might be confusing when it says “Black to kill” if the colors flip :slight_smile: the actual puzzle itself does swap the words black and white when transforming the puzzle

Thanks for the comment. With the Ko, it looks rather unlikely to me that you live, but I see the point, that it is possible to live at least.

It’s not about likelihood . For a group alive on Ko you count half the point as its value and when the time comes, play the ko.

Before that both players will be careful to keep as manyas possible Ko threats and even create some more .

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