Two trophies from the same tournament

I took part in one of the automatic sitewide blitz tournaments and came second. Now I have two trophies for it!! @Atorrante came third and has two 3rd place trophies and the winner got two 1st place trophies.

This may be borking related since I had other problems shortly afterwards - it took more than twenty minutes for my rank to update on my profile page and I had problems accepting games with “challenge no longer exists” error messages even though it did still exist.


Great! We should do more tournaments like this :smile:

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Congratulations! :slight_smile:
We are aware of the issue, sometimes it happens. Unfortunately it is not related to the recent server issues and there is currently no fix. It should go away once anoek gets to rehauling the tournament system, together with other improvements in that area.

When it will be; however I do not know. Sorry.


Don’t hurry. These are my favourite tournaments. :crazy_face:


no, don’t take away my two gold trophies from my only ast tourney win. I wanna keep them pls