Two usernames accidentally set to very similar names

I wonder if someone can help with this problem we are having where two children have accidentally got their accounts set to similar names and it is causing a lot of confusion.

Two young children (brother and sister) in one of my groups had accounts Eric-D (850661) and FionaD (850659) but at some point it seems that they changed the Eric-D account to be called Fiona D and now they and everyone else get confused about which account is which; challenges keep going to the wrong person and so on.

What seems more confusing (and I don’t understand it) is that yesterday in the chat window of our group ( they both seemed to appear as “Fiona D” and clicking on the names in the chat window both directed to user 850661, even though one of them was sure they were logged on as FionaD

They say they waited 30 days and then tried to change the name of one of the accounts but weren’t able to. I’m not sure what happened, perhaps they made some mistake in trying to change the name.

Can anyone give some advice on how to sort this out? These children are getting very frustrated with it unfortunately.


Hello Paul_Smith,

just let me know what username you would like for which account, I will be happy to change them :slight_smile:


Great I will just check with them and let you know.

Best wishes,