Twofold question

  1. Is OGS trying to become the Go equivalent of

  2. Should they?

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What qualities would a website have to be equivalent to lichess?

Good question… Lichess has many outstanding features… but off the top of my head some of the standouts would include:

  • Sleek, elegant, aesthetic design

  • Feature rich

  • No pay wall hiding key features

  • Large player base

  • Free and Open Source

In my mind… OGS is very similar but we are not yet “rich” in either features or players.

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… and we are not fully open source.

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No :frowning: but our front end is… Which is a start…

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Well, I don’t think we want a load of 10s / move Fischer games…

I’m not a blitz player personally but it could probably work for 9x9 :stuck_out_tongue:

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