Tygem-style common greetings

OGS could remember top few most commonly used phrases (hi, gg, ty, hf, etc.) and let use the mouse to send one of them.

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If we’re being honest, how hard is it to type two letters? I think this is a solution in search of a problem. I vote let’s not clutter up the UI.


Well, knowing that there are people who have problems using a keyboard, I can understand such a wish.

Since I’m a crochety old man, I would like a “Hey you kids get off my lawn!” button I can use to reply to two letter greetings.


LOL, yes, I’d also think that IF we’d ever have buttons or a menu for such then they’d be written out :smiley:

(and of course there would be a filter that would expand every “LOL” to “laughing out loud”.)

While I agree that it’s not necessary to have shortcuts for simple two-letter acronyms, which are easy to type and probably already widely understood across different languages, it may be useful to have a set of stock phrases that can be auto-translated into the display language of other users that see the chat.




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