UI and clock or time or what?

I knew I shouldn’t do that!
But since when I registered on Pootle, I’m looking at the OGS UI in a different way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s talk about time and clocks.

When you want to play, you go to the “Play” page and find this:

The Tournaments page looks like this:

But the single tournament page looks like:

Then you go to your profile page and:

You open a game, look for informations and you find this:

Then you go to the “watch” page and:

So this is the full picture:

  • Time is used for “time settings” and for “starting time of the game”
  • Clock stands for “time settings” and “remaining time”
  • Time control is straightforward
  • sometimes there’s nothing

Should we do some spring cleaning, before I go and change all subsequent Italian translations? :grin:


Any opinions on the fix?

I’m thinking changing the first and third screenshots to “Time Control” but leave the rest as is?

The good news is that old translations will apply when a dev adds an existing string somewhere else. (Caviat: adding context may interfere) So you could fix the translations now and your work wont be for nothing!

I think consistently using “clock” in all three places would be good. It’s a single word instead of two and I think it is distinct and unambiguous.

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FWIW my feeling with the Italian version is that “clock” is quite unnatural. “Time” or “time control” would be more appropriate.
We don’t have the ambiguity of “time” meaning both “that precise moment” and “time in general”.

I agree that saving space is good.
So I’d go for “clock” in English and “tempo” in Italian.


The reason I recommended “Time Control” instead of “Clock” for (1) and (3) is that there is a distinction between “time remaining” and “time setting”. But I do see it’s easy enough to gather from context which one is meant.

And to make everything even messier, if you translate those into finnish time=aika and clock=kello, it makes more sense to use “clock” for scheduled starting time for tournaments and “time” for the game clocks XD

Or then just go with “aloitusaika” for scheduled starting time / when game has started, “peliaika” for the game clocks and “ajanottojärjestelmä” for the time controls

(tho i think theres only a handful of finns who actually like using ogs in finnish, and those people are prolly used to slightly clumsy translations ^^)

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